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Resume Design
Income Tax Return Preparation Course
Income Tax Return Preparation Course
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Excel Beginner To Pro Course

About Me

Hey there! I am Foysal Ahmed, a professional MS Excel Expert, CV & Resume writer, as well as Income tax Expert with over 7 years of experience.

I have spent the last 7 years working in the startup scene (Finance, Tax & VAT) as a Manager (Accounts & Finance). I have done my extra curricular activity with Learning MS Excel, CV & Resume writing,  as well as Income tax & work for outsourcing last 8 years.

I can write/edit your job descriptions and resume or CV adverts ready to be put out into the world. Having completed over 300+ job descriptions/adverts and 500+ Resume & CV on local market of Bangladesh as well as providing online income tax service. I have seen almost everything and have left only happy clients!

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What my students & client say about the courses & service

“It’s Awesome Life Changing Resume Service, I Have Ever Received from you. It’s phenomenal Time Every Recruiter Call me for Interview This Resume Change My Attitude. Thank You from My Heart.”

Ikram Uddin

“It is easy & simple method to learn income tax return, At present I am providing income tax service & earn money, I personally recommend to all learn income tax return preparation course from FM SKILL SHARING.”

Abedin Kader

“Earlier this year I took a temporary Accounts (Executive) position where I found myself dealing with large amounts of data as sort of an additional duty. I had some basic Excel skills but I needed to learn more advance functions. I am joining your “Excel Beginner to Pro Course” and incrementally developed my skills. This led to my being selected for a promotion as an Assistant Manager (Finance) for this Strategic Work Force and a permanent position with my organization. Thank you from my heart.

Rakib Abir

“It phenomenal process you describe income tax law. Finally I have learn how to prepare income tax return. Thanks for your cordial service. .”

Ahsan Ali Litu